There are so many questions regarding the processing time of any application for immigration to the different programs in Canada. What applicants must know is that the time differs from one program to another, and this is often determined by the completeness (or non-completeness) of the requirements submitted.

The processing time for the different categories under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program changes quarterly. Below is the average processing time for the different categories (subject to change). This covers the time starting when the ‘complete’ application was received.

International Skilled Workers – 12.8 months

Saskatchewan Experience
          Those with existing work permit – 3 months
          International students – 2.8 months
          Health professionals – 3.5 months
          Hospitality workers – 3.3 months
          Truck drivers – 2.1 months

Entrepreneur and Farm
          Entrepreneurs – 8.2 months
          Farmers – 4.9 months

Family Referrals – 26.7 months

Being familiar with the processing time will eliminate questions and worries and will enable applicants to know when it’s time to do a follow up.

For most applicants, processing time covers the time between receipt of application until finalization, the time when a status regarding the applications is already determined (whether an applicant is nominated, the application is returned because of incomplete documents, or an applicant is deemed ineligible).

For the Entrepreneur and Farm category, however, the processing time does not include the time between receipt and approval of application. Instead, this covers the time between the acceptance of the application (after processing fee is paid) and the time when a status is already determined.

Why is the Processing Time Different Among the Different Categories?

There are different factors that affect processing time, which in turn account for the different processing times among the different categories.

• Prioritization. Skilled workers are prioritized, so their processing time is shorter. Applicants with a permanent and full-time job offer in a high-skilled occupation (NOC A, B, and 0) are also given priority.

• Document verification. This may call for the need to engage a third party, and this can cause longer processing depending on how fast the third party responds.

• The number of applications received – the more the applicants, the longer the processing time.

• The length of time an applicant takes to respond in cases when SINP requests for more information or additional documentation.

What to Expect After Sending Application

Once you submit an application to any SINP category, SINP will send you an email or letter (regular mail) to confirm receipt of your application and send you your application number (which you can use as reference). You can expect this email or letter within 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the volume of application received by the SINP.

In case you don’t receive an email or letter within that period, you can call 306-798-7467 to inquire. You can also send an email to – be sure to indicate your full name and birthday, as well as the date you submitted your application and how you submitted it. If you have any tracking information, you can also provide that.

Note: The processing time indicated above is based on the time it took to process 80% of the applications under each category in the past. Future processing time may change depending on the factors mentioned.